Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 7, 2023) - European Energy Metals (TSXV: FIN) (FSE: W28) ("European Energy" or the "Company") is pleased to report the results of its inaugural Phase 1 exploration program for LCT (lithium-cesium-tantalum) spodumene-bearing pegmatites on its Central Finland Lithium Project which spans over 250,000 hectares (ha). Overall, the best results were obtained on the Nabba Reservation where several clusters of spodumene-bearing pegmatite boulders and boulder fields were identified during the program. Several prospective areas were also identified (i.e. Kyrola, Kaitnabba, Pisto and Kaatiala) with anomalous to locally anomalous-grade lithium. A total of 1,099 rock chip (grab) samples were collected with the results discussed in manomalous detail below.

"The inaugural exploration program was met with considerable success, having identified multiple areas with lithium mineralization," commented Jeremy Poirier, CEO of European Energy Metals. "The identification of pervasive lithium mineralization, despite the presence of significant overburden or cover, is highly encouraging and warrants further exploration. This also supports our recent application for an Exploration License over the Nabba Reservation which allows for drill testing in Q2-2024."

The most significant discovery during the Phase 1 program was the discovery of a 350 m long by 110 m wide Northwest-Southeast trending spodumene-bearing pegmatite boulder field on the Nabba Reservation. The extent of the boulder field is constrained only by low-lying overburden covered areas and farm fields. A total of forty-nine (49) rock chip grab samples were collected from the field and individual samples assayed from 0.003% to 3.84% Li2O . The mean assay of these samples was 0.53% Li2O . Fifteen samples assayed greater than 0.50% Li2O , eleven assayed greater than 1.00% Li2O , 4 assayed greater than 2.00% Li2O and 1 assayed greater than 3.00% Li2O . The boulders are generally angular and range in size from small hand size cobbles up to > 1.5 m in diameter. The boulders are also weakly anomalous in Cesium (Cs), Tantalum (Ta), Beryllium (Ta) and Tin (Sn).

Table 1: Best results from Kyrola Prospect

Sample_# Li2O _Pct Li_ppm Cs_ppm Ta_ppm Be_ppm Sn_ppm
D056277 3.84 17850 14.8 17.7 87.2 107
F920052 2.62 12150 53.3 49.7 230 136
D056274 2.26 10500 46.8 40.9 96 91
F920401 2.22 10300 37.2 46.4 220 142
F920006 1.92 8910 35.7 79.3 230 131
F920204 1.87 8690 36.1 16.25 142.5 73
F920053 1.75 8120 57.9 53.1 184.5 87
F920001 1.63 7560 24.2 23.7 161.5 114
D056270 1.16 5400 32.2 21.6 201 54
F920002 1.12 5180 30.6 12.6 162 61
D056260 1.06 4910 49.6 61.7 250 84


The boulders are mineralogically comprised of albite-spodumene-quartz-muscovite pegmatite with lesser accessory minerals such as tourmaline, garnet and beryl. They are typically massive to weakly zoned. They appear to be mineralogically similar to the known Keliber deposits in the region, and as such may be part of the same mineralizing event.

Based on the known glacial history of the area and glacial dispersion of pegmatite boulders at the nearby Keliber deposits (Ahtola et al, 2015), it is interpreted that the source of the boulders is likely to be to the northwest of the boulder field, and possibly within 300-500 m. Further studies will be required to confirm and define targets for drilling.

Another cluster of spodumene bearing pegmatite boulders were discovered approximately 9 km southwest of the Kyrola prospect, and also occurring on the Nabba Reservation. Two boulders assayed 1.57% and 1.01% Li2O respectively. The boulders range in size from 0.2 to 0.4 m diameter and are also mineralogically similar to the Keliber deposits. They are also anomalous in Cs, Ta, Be and Sn.

Table 2: Best results from Kaitnabba Prospect

Sample_# Li2O_Pct Li_ppm Cs_ppm Ta_ppm Be_ppm Sn_ppm
F920426 1.57 7300 45.3 62.4 224 143
F920094 1.00 4670 52 39.7 282 97


Located on the company's Lappajarvi East Reservation this prospect consists of an outcropping megacrystic two-mica granite and qtz-feldspar-muscovite-tourmaline pegmatite swarm. Rock chip sampling over an area of several km identified anomalous Li in the 100's of ppm, up to 250 ppm Li. Many of the samples are also anomalous in Arsenic (As). The presence of As associated with Li is also noted at Keliber's Kellokallio Prospect approximately 11 km East-Northeast of Pisto where spodumene-bearing pegmatite dyke(s) associated with wide zones of highly anomalous As (eg. 10-40 m assaying 1000 to 4500 ppm As). The best reported Lithium intercept was 0.97% Li2O over 3.15 m. In this context the possibility of using As as a pathfinder element for Li in the area will be considered. Gold occurrences in the region are also often associated with As.

Quartz-felspar-muscovite-tourmaline pegmatites within a 200 m wide by 1400 m long E-W trending swarm. Individual pegmatites up up to 5 m across. Several samples assayed between 50 to 177 ppm Li.

Quartz-felspar-muscovite-tourmaline pegmatites within a 3.65 km long NW-SE trend. Individual pegamatites up to 6 m across. Several samples assayed anomalous Cesium (Cs) up to 124 ppm Cs.

Located 100 km south of Nabba, the 3,200 ha property is host to a 40 m wide quartz-feldspar-muscovite-tourmaline (+/- spodumene) pegmatite body that was mined from 1942 to 1968 for quartz and feldspar. Rock chip sampling of the waste piles around the old mine revealed the presence of Li. The highest Li values obtained were 0.09%, 0.20% and 0.25% Li2O.

Table 3: Best results from Kaatiala Prospect

Sample_# Li2O_Pct Li_ppm Cs_ppm Ta_ppm Be_ppm Sn_ppm
F920411 0.25 1170 93.1 28.6 16.7 193
F920081 0.20 940 49.3 13.45 12.7 64
F920413 0.09 440 39 34.6 10.3 39


The Company's projects are in the Kaustinen-Seinajoki region which is highly prospective for LCT pegmatite deposits, as evidenced by the success of the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and subsequently Keliber Oy in discovering significant Li-bearing spodumene pegmatite prospects and deposits in the region. The initial success in identifying lithium-rich pegmatitic boulders from the Phase 1 program is very encouraging, as the area is topographically flat and extensively covered by a thin veneer of glacial overburden.

On the basis of these results the Company has recently submitted applications for Exploration Licenses ("EL's") covering an area of 4,550 hectares within it's 11,690 hectare Nabba Reservation, including the area around the Kyrola Prospect. The Nabba EL (2,812 ha) and Nabba 2 EL (1,738 ha) are located on the northern half of the Company's Nabba Reservation and adjacent to the Keliber lithium projects of Sibanye-Stillwater (NYSE:SBSW). Under an Exploration License or EL, the Company will be permitted to undertake manomalous advanced exploration such as detailed base-of-till (BoT) sampling, trenching and diamond drilling.

The Nabba ELs lie less than 8 km west of Keliber's Spodumene Concentrator Plant and several previously known Li-spodumene pegmatite prospects/deposits occur within 1 km of the Nabba licences, including the Emmes Deposit which hosts NNW-SSE trending Li-bearing, spodumene pegmatites, and a resource of 1.08 Mt grading 1.22% Li2O (source: GTK). It appears the Nabba area may be well-endowed.

QA/QC Statement

Samples were submitted to ALS Laboratories in Sodankyla Finland. ALS inserted internal standards, blanks and pulp duplicates within each sample batch as part of their own internal monitoring of quality control protocols. European Energy Metals monitors precision and bias performance by inserting certified lithium standards (ANOMALOUSAS 750 and ANOMALOUSAS 753) as well as blanks into each batch submitted to ALS at a rate of 1:25.

The major element oxides and trace elements including Li, Cs, Ta and Be were analysed by ALS analytical package ME-MS89L + B-MS89L involving digestion by Na2O2 fusion followed by ALS's super trace ICP-MS methodology. QAQC results to date do not indicate any analytical accuracy issues with all standards returning values Li values within 3 standard deviations of their certified mean and blanks returning expected values.

Mike Basha, P.Eng., P.Geo. (NL), VP Exploration of European Energy Metals Corp., a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, has prepared this press release and compiled the results discussed herein.

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Figure 1: Central Finland Lithium Project

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About European Energy Metals Corp.

European Energy Metals Corp. is a junior mining company currently focussed on the Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum Finnish Pegmatite Project in central Finland. Governing bodies in Europe and Finland are legislating environmentally friendly and energy independent laws and policies. One of the key components is access to REE and, specifically, lithium. The company's concessions are located within 15 kms of the Keliber mine and production complex, currently under construction and expected to begin production in H2 2025.

An estimated €600 million investment by Keliber's parent company Sibanye-Stillwater Limited in partnership with the Finnish Minerals Group ( is underway in the Kautinen Region and will see the development of open-pit and underground mining from several deposits, construction of a central spodumene concentrator plant and a lithium hydroxide chemical plant at tidewater in Kokkola. When completed, this complex will comprise a complete hard-rock spodumene pegmatite lithium supply chain (source:

Pursuant to an earn-in agreement with Capella Minerals Ltd (TSXV: CMIL), European Energy Metals has the right to earn an 80% interest in the Finnish Lithium Project by issuing 2,000,000 shares, paying Cdn$500,000 and incurring Cdn$2,500,000 dollars in exploration expenditures staged over a 4 year earn in period. A detailed assessment of the historic and government exploration data compiled by the Finnish Geological Survey ("GTK") identified a series of permissive tracts for LCT pegmatites. The concessions comprising the Finnish Lithium Project were identified as a result of this pegmatite research.


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